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Welcome to EFMCI the place for a successful start to a career in the arts

ELEGANZA FASHION MARKETING & CONSULTING INC. (EFMCI) is dedicated to informing  aspiring entertainers about the inner workings of the industry. For a very low fee we provide direct and online consultation. We also provide connection to celebrity coaches in: acting, modeling, singing, styling, and also to celebrity photographers, major casting directors, publishing companies, celebrity beauty liaisons, celebrity stylists, major fashion shows and major movies. After our consultation you will be industry savvy and on the road to success.

Many of our clients go on to become part of New York Fashion Week shows. L.A Fashion Week, Mid-West Fashion Week, Caribbean Fashion Week, Couture Shows, Swim Wear Shows, Print Modeling with major brand companies, commercials and other major production. Our clients have gained extra roles in the recent movie “'WINTER'S TALE” starring: Will Smith, Russel Crowe and many more established actors.

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In our face-to-face consultations (presently, only in New York City): We will discuss your dreams and aspirations, explain all the intricacies of the chaotic entertainment industry, provide you with a road map to help you quickly navigate the Industry, and make your dreams possible. In our discussion we will evaluate your skills and talent and provide you with an honest, frank opinion. To read more click on the links below.


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